Canada Border Services Agency
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Customs Self Assessment Program

Simplifying the entire border crossing process for low-risk, pre-approved companies.

With more than $400 billion in goods crossing the border every year, finding innovative ways to identify and efficiently process low-risk goods is vital to Canada's prosperity and economic competitiveness.

Pre-approval commercial programs, such as the Customs Self Assessment (CSA) program, are examples of how the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is working with the trade community to process low-risk goods more quickly and efficiently.

About the CSA Program

The CSA program is designed for low-risk, pre-approved importers, carriers and registered drivers. To take advantage of the program, CSA-approved importers and carriers must use a registered driver to carry CSA-eligible goods into Canada in the highway mode.

The CSA program simplifies many of the import border requirements so that low-risk shipments can be processed more quickly and efficiently at the border, saving businesses time and money.

It also allows the CBSA to better focus its resources on identifying high-risk shipments that pose a potential threat to the health, safety or economic well-being of Canadians.